Employee Resources

Use oF Biometric Data Consent & RELEASE

El Ranchero Limited Partnership (“the Company”) has implemented the HandPunch 1000-XL system to promote ease and accuracy in the Company’s time-keeping system. The system utilizes technology which incorporates the use of a three-dimensional hand scan (“a biometric identifier”) to permit the Company to accurately record time. The Company will not disclose, redisclose or disseminate any biometric or identifiers or any data derived from biometric identifiers, which may be obtained through the use of the HandPunch technology except for internal Company use.

The undersigned acknowledges that he/she has received the attached Rolicy an Biometric Technology and acknowledges that the HandPunch technology will result in the collection of a three-dimensional hand scan. The undersigned employee also acknowledges that this policy is also available at www.rancherofood.com and www.laguadalupana.com .

As a condition of employment for an employee which involves the use of the HandPunch technology, the undersigned hereby acknowledges and consents to the Company’s use of the HandPunch technology and the collection and maintenance of the biometric identifier identified above in compliance with the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (740 ILCS 14/1). The undersigned employee has been informed and understands that the Company will permanently destroy the stored image of the employee’s scan data derived or extracted from the image within sixty (60) days of the termination of employment.

The undersigned employee further consents to the Company disclosing, redisclosing and/or disseminating the biometric identifier and data derived or extracted from the biometric identifier to the Midwest Time Recorder, the cloud storage vendor and the manufacturer of the HandPunch 1000-XL .

The undersigned hereby releases El Ranchero Limited Partnership from any claim, up to the date of the execution of this Release, regarding compliance under BIPA and Illinois Eavesdropping law and the employee’s current and continued employment and client’s continued care serves as consideration for this release.